Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our Little Girl! Grace!

I hesitate to describe Grace Tanya after only 2 days because I know we will discover more each day. Grace is a very happy little girl. She loves to have fun and she will laugh ‘at the drop of a dime’. Barbara discovered her playfulness the moment we went to pick her up on the first day. She was prepped that “Mama’ and ‘Papa’ were coming to greet her so she was asked to give Mama a big hug. So of course she ran to the interpreter. How was she to know?. Then she was passed to her real Mama and Papa. As Chris was signing the sign-in sheet Barbara was lifting her pocketbook and made it look difficult. Grace immediately took up the challenge and try herself and found it very easy. Barbara tried again and failed Grace had no problem for the next 5 attempts. Then she hosted the pocketbook over her shoulder and walked down the hall to meet her brother. Each day at 4:00 we collect the kids and go into a 10x12 room filled with toys. It is the family meeting room. On the first day the first thing Grace sees is a big clear plastic beach ball the size of her. She picks it up and starts Giggling. She throws it and catches it. She has a catch with Barbara all the time laughing and having fun then she finds a big rabbit bigger then her and starts sitting it up and putting a blanket on him and lays him down to sleep. All along she is talking in Russian and interacting with us and the interpreter Rashan. We bring her over to meet with Michael and she likes him and like all toddler girls she picks Michael up, as if to say I’ll take care of this kid for you. We see that she knows how to share and that she likes to help. On the second day we asked her caretaker about her and that is exactly how she described her. She shares and she takes care of the younger kids in her room. The caretakers agree that she is a happy kid.

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