Monday, December 11, 2006

Family Day 2005

This is a picture of the 1st seconds out of the Orphanage December 5, 2005, 8:30am KZT. I had lost the disk that held this picture for 6 months. I went out on my mind looking for it. Fortunately we had Michael with us. He was rummaging through the diaper bag looking for something to destroy and he found the disk. This is the moment we will celebrate.

One year later Family Day 2006

Folks, I just wanted to give an update. Yesterday we celebrated ‘Family Day’. December 5th is one year from the day we left the orphanage together as a family. I am enclosing a picture of those first few seconds, the facial expressions tell the story. I am also including a picture of 1 year later. It has been a great year. It feels like we have been together forever. We have bonded nicely. The kids really love to hear their life story, when “Mama and Papa got married and then came and picked us up”. Part of the story we tell is the Day we landed in JFK and came home, Dec 9, 2005. I planned on mentioning this day during my Thanksgiving speech. Coming home to a house filled with toys and clothes and Christmas decorations was one of the most moving moments in our lives. We thank you, our macro family, for your generous gifts and thoughts and care. Your actions are part of our family history and tradition. We can not thank you enough.
As for the events of our family day? We went into the Big City to see the Tree. We took a horse/buggy ride in central park, where we found out that Grace does not stop talking when she has a Hot Chocolate high. The kids did very well and like true Kazakhstani’s they loved the cold. We were home by dinner where we had a traditional Kazakh meal, ‘Horse’ Chili, eaten in front of an open fire(place). It was a great day of Celebration. By the way the Kazakh flag has been flying out front all month from Nov 11th (our travel day) thru Dec 9th our arrival day.
Thanks for your Prayers. We owe St Theresa (The Little flower) for sending us our two Roses from Heaven’s Garden. And the Blessed Mother who helped in getting our “Hail and Blessed” wishes granted before Christmas last year. We will be giving our wishes away this year. No need to be greedy:)
God Bless YOU! The Currans
PS Barbara and I saw the Borat movie. Don’t waste your time. Being part Kazakh, we may be a little sensitive but… He really creates a totally unjustified bad reputation for Kazakhs. He doesn’t even speak Kazakh or Russian, It sounded like Polish to me. Two thumbs down.