Saturday, October 29, 2005

We have an Invitation!!!!

Almost two years to the day from when we started our Homestudy we have an invitation to go to Kazakhstan. Thank God for getting us over this 1st barrier. Tonight we celebrate. Dinner at the Clinton House. Yeah that is going all out, around here. Thank you for sticking with us all of this time. Rule number 1 while adopting should be similar to Rule number 1 of pregnancies...Don't tell anyone too early. Who would of guessed it would have taken this long. In case you are wondering, we started our process going to Lithuania. We thought it would be nice to go with Barbara's heritage. You never know with international adoptions and Lithuania decided they would work to keep the children in the country. So we went to plan B. We asked for the country with the quickest, process for multiple kids, That is Kazakhstan!!. Now we wait for a date. One step at a time. God Bless Chris&Barbara