Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thank You for Caring

Here is Grace with one of her caregivers. She is not in her normal uniform today. We think she was putting on some type of play for the kids. Today the caregivers were scrambling to have their picture with Grace and Michael. The word must have spread that they are heading home soon. We can see how much our children have been loved in this place. Each time we go to the room the caregivers give special hugs to welcome the kids back. We know they have taught them well. Grace speaks clearly and knows how to hold a pen. Grace even teaches Papa every time she breaks out the writing book. These are special people and we will not forget them.

Raushan and Her Little Buddy, Michael

To start with, you all are brining tears to our eyes with all of your comments. We just love reading them. Thank you.
This is picture of our translator, Raushan, with our little man. Michael became very special to Raushan when she would visit the orphanage in the past. Michael would cry a lot back then and he would hold his arms up to her as to ask to be picked up, whenever she was in his room . Raushan said to us that she always wondered what kind of family Michael would have. We believe that she is very pleased with his selection. Raushan has been a tremendous help to us not only with her job of translating for us, but also as a wonderful friend. In addition, she is the local historian who provided the historical information you've read on our Blog. Raushan was born here and her family has been in this area for generations. Thank you so very much Raushan, we know you read this!!!