Friday, November 18, 2005

The Curran family

No words needed!

Kim and Christina contact us.

We forgot to bring some email addresses. Will Kim and Christina please send an email to us so we can talk to you privately. You should be able to reply to a messege we recently sent to you. Thanks. Isn't technology wonderful?

Adoptions for everybody

Last night we heard the most wonderful news! Our friends Donna and Tom have been invited to Russia to pick up their child Ryan. They have a court date at the end of Nov. We are happy that our prayers have been answered and we know a number of people reading this blog would be happy to hear the news too. Congratulations Donna and Tom. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

General information

Many have been concerned that it would be cold in Southern Siberia. Well we landed on Sunday and it was just hitting 40F. Wed night we had about 2 inches of snow. This is the first snow this year that accumulated. Today Friday it did not rise above 25F. All rooms that we go into are roasting. We open the window each night so we can sleep.
The food is different. We are surviving on meat and potatos. Actually we have been asked not to go out after dark. Our interpreture called our room and also found us by calling the hotel resturant. Tonight we ventured out after dark to write this and we got caught. We are having fun despite our curfew. More later. Mama& Papa

Brother and sister

Michael is 33 inches 84 cm. we don't know the weight. We bought some 12-16 month clothes. We will see if they fit. We think he is realitively normal size.
Grace is about 39.5 inch 100cm. We don't know her weight either. We actually talked to the doctor today about past history. We forgot to ask the current weight and official height. All is well.