Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Information blackout

Sorry it took so long to write but we were held up in our hotel room until our coordinator came back with papers to sign. She flew into our room at 10:oo this morning. So we will fill you in on what has been happening.


moira said...

They kids sound beautiful. How big are they? Are they Ian and Alana's size? smaller? bigger? Is Michael big like Liam? or slim like Brendan was? Take care Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris and Barbara!
Congratulations on getting a son and a daughter at once. They sound wonderfull. I am sure they will be very happy in their new family.
Good luck,
Inna Bedny

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing, simply amazing! The Spirit works in AWESOME ways. You are all in our prayers each and every day! Bring those angels home safely and soon! Sounds like a new hunterdon county play group to be formed!!!

- The McCarrons (Kev, Kim, Brett and Todd)