Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our little boy! Michael

Before we go on any further I know what you are all saying “how can you name a child Michael? You know they are all little devils. It has been proven time and time again” Believe me we know all about that but our boy is the exception that proves the rule. He has been a happy little boy since we meet him. After we made our selection we were told that that is the first time he went to any strangers and did not cry. We have not really seen him cry too much. He is very attentive to things going on in the room. As we move around with Grace he follows along. He also likes to play with his toys. Barbara witnessed how smart he is. At one point he had a toy in each and wanted a third toy that was on the shelf. He thought about it and figured there is only one way to get that toy. So he leans over with his mouth he picks up the rattle. Then triumphantly looks at Barbara to show her that he can have everything he desires. Barbara starts yelling for Chris to witness this but it was too late. He likes playing with his buckets. He sometimes fills them but mostly he like to grip them and bang them around. We will have more descriptions as the days go on. Our children are happy and so are their parents


Michael O'Neil said...

Hey Chris & Barbara! How can you brand the name Michael so callously! That is the PERFECT name for a young gentleman!

Good Luck! Our Prayers are with you in your quest to the ends of the earth to find true happiness through family.

Mike & Lisa!

Charlie & Kim said...

Love to hear the stories about Grace and Michael.... Can't wait to see pictures!!!!