Saturday, December 03, 2005

It is time to leave Semey

There are certain signs that it is time for us to go home.
The street light on the corner seen in the picture of Semey has been broken since our second day here. Today it was fixed.
The resturant in the hotel that we have eaten in at least once per day just started construction. We now have to eat in a different part of resturant.
The people in the internet cafe have a reserved seat for us. They are starting to speak English.
The caregivers have the kids ready before we get to the orphanage.
We started signing papers on Friday.
We met with our coordinator on Saturday. Only the second time since we have been here. She gave us the completed documents and we have them to bring to the embassy.
We booked a Flight to Almaty - Hooray. We fly on Monday. We still have work to do in Almaty but at least we will be moving.
A couple of more prayers that the paperwork is not delayed.
It looks like it is time to move on to our next adventure - Traveling with kids. We will carry a new sign - HELP!


Carol said...

Okay The happy tears are flowing again!! You guys are finally on your way home. Can't wait to hear the date of your arrival. Sure hope the kids like lots of hugs and kisses. They have a giant family here waiting to give them plenty. I think I can say for all of us--we love you and we miss you and hurry home. Be safe and be well. Arm yourself with books, small toys and lots of snacks. The trip will fly (no pun intended) right by. See you soon
Carol :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping these aren't their first words in English - "Are we there yet"? Have fun on this next part of your journey and safe trip home - Love, The Commessos