Monday, November 28, 2005

What a Great and Glorious Day!!!!

Success. We are the proud parents of healthy little girl and little boy. She speaks Russian and is 100cm and about 30;bs. She has all of her fingers and toes. We call her Grace Tayna. He is 80cm and is about 20lbs. He has all of his fingers and toes. We call him Michael Joseph. Both are vey happy. Both parents are very happy and feeling good. We would join in a shot of Vodka if we were with you. Join us, we already had ours.
The court proceeding went very smoothly. We knew we were in good shape when all of the women of the court; the Judge, the prosecutor and the child advocate oogled at the required pictures of the family. Most of these picures were the same ones you saw already. Our coordinator was extreamly happy. She gave Barbara a big Russian bear hug. Our translator was eaqually happy. We have enjoyed our time here in Semey, it looks like we will be here a few more days to get the paper work done. We will travel to Almaty soon, we don't have an exact date yet. In Almaty we will present the kids to the US Embassey. Then we will head home. We will know a better time frame later in the week. Thank you for all of your prayers. It looks like they have been answered. Later.


Peggy & Ken said...

Glad to hear things went so well. We have been thinking of you ALL every day and look forward to your safe return back to the states!
Congratulations Mommy and Daddy! Job Well Done!
Love and Prayers,
Peggy & Ken

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! WOW!! More tears - we will continue the prayers for your safe journey home - Love, The Commessos

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!! AWESOME !!!Grace and Michael are going to be very very happy to have parents like you and to be part of the Curran family. We'll do a shot of vodka with you when you get back home. Love, The Stix's

Maluszczak Family said...

Looks like there will be more Thanksgiving celebrations. I'm sure that all the court really needed was- the pictures of your face and Barbara's when your kids were with you. Talk about things that are priceless. You took the road less travelled and found a pot of gold in the form of your children at the end of the rainbow. Congratulations on your new family, continued safety and good health on your travels. All of God's Blessings. We Love You, Maluszczak Family

Carol said...

CONGRATULATIONS MOM AND DAD!!!!! The happy tears continue to flow for you guys. There was no doubt in my mind that everything would go well and quickly. Now you just have to hurry home. Can't think of a more deserving couple to be having the greatest holiday season ever----A wonderful family and your dreams come true. Who could ask for anything more? Congratulations again!!!!
Carol :-)

Brigid said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I really shouldn't be crying at school, but everyone here is excited for you too!! I am so overwhelmed by your generous love. You are both so amazing, I am proud and humbled by what you have done. We are looking forward to seeing the new Curran family. We love you, The Mekita's

moira said...

Grace and Michael are very lucky. We can't wait to meet them and share with them all of our family traditions. I was up at 4:00am (thanks to Tara) and said a prayer that the judge had enough wisdom to let you bring your children home. Give the kids lots of hugs from their Aunt Moira and Uncle Scott. All our love to the newest Currans. 23 and counting.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful journey. Travel halfway around the world by two wonderful people to find two beautiful children.It was all planned many eons ago by an almighty and merciful God. We never had any doubts that it would end this way. The joy you have brouht to your family, your friends and your parents is indescriable. Enjoy your remaining days in kazakhstan and soak in the culture and scenery so that Grace and Mike will know,first hand,some of their heritage. All our love Grama & granpa

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you both, and are overjoyed for your new children! What a wonderful time for all of you!!! We look forward to meeting Michael and Grace. Have a safe trip home, and Congratulations!!!!!
The Sagerers

Anonymous said...

Chris and Barbara,

The blog was a wonderful idea. It allows all us to get a real feel for your journey. We missed you at Thanksgiving and are eagerly awaiting your return. Brendan, Liam and Kate can't wait to play with their new cousins. Your chilren are beautiful. They are very lucky as they will have a warm and loving home.

Much Love and Safe Reuturn,

The Berkeley Heights Curran's