Thursday, November 17, 2005

Meet Michael Joseph Curran

The face of a happy boy!


Anonymous said...

All Michaels are little devils and usually are wearing a big smile at all times! They also have the softest and biggest hearts so you did well with the name. I,like you papa, can't stop looking at my new niece and nephew and Grace's smile. . love, Aunt Tricia

Steve & Cheryl said...

Oh my God! They are so cute, love the names, and what great smiles too. Please keep us posted on details and pictures.

Uncle Steve & Aunt Cheryl

Barb, I think that Mom and Dad have officially fainted by now.

Anonymous said...

Chris and Barb,
They are absolutely beautiful. It was a long time coming but worth every minute. Michael wasn't even born when you started the process! Can't wait to meet them - and I love the names!
Anne Marie